with Lara Skadsen

                                                                            Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing 

A Tune-Up of the Body & Biofield

A massage from the inside out!

-Soul Realignment-

Reiki - VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy - Body & Biofield Tuning

A Combination of healing practices, catered to your personal needs. I help you connect with your vital life force energy and then... the body heals itself!

Sound Healing Frequencies with Tuning Forks and my awesome sound bed, help bring the body back into balance as they clear the blocks and restrictions that are causing you to be stuck-physically, mentally and/or emotionally!

Lara is able to determine what the blocks and restrictions are and where they are held in the body and biofield(aura)

Our environment and life experiences

are what is creating the chaos that affects us and makes us feel

physically, mentally and emotionally off balance, stressed out, tired and ill.

Would you like to relieve?

- Stress - Aches/Pains - Anxiety - Depression - Migraines -

- Arthritis  -  Muscular or Neurological Issues

-or anything that is making you feel stuck?

Would you like to improve?

- Pre/Post Op Surgery Recovery   - Digestion   - Immune System   

-Heart/Respiration Rate   - Relax Muscles  

 - Focus & Clarity in Brain Functioning        

What People Are Saying about their experiences?

  • I fell into a deep sleep and woke with a cool tingling sensation throughout my body. I feel like I lost 25 lbs off my body! I was sick and this experience was very up-lifting. 
  • I had a very warm sensation move down my left side. Also afterwards, I felt like I had so much energy and my spirit was lifted. 
  • I felt tingling all around my heart area. Felt like a weight was lifted from my chest and overall peacefulness, during and afterwards.
  • I felt a tickling and pulling sensation at my head and feet. I feel like I have more clarity and I also feel more grounded.
  • I felt more of an inner JOY afterwards... and still do! As though all my burdens were lifted.
  • More testimonials on her Testimonial page/ Yelp/Google/FB

EnergyRising with Lara

Connecting, Clearing, Creating!

Holistic healing and transformational experiences of

Body, Mind and Spirit,

creating Flow and Freedom, 

mentally, physically and emotionally.