Lara is dedicated to helping others cultivate the Energy within, for Self-Healing and Spiritual Development. She consults privately with clients in Soul Realignment, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Lightning Process(Ancient Mayan Technique) and Sound Healing.  

Lara also teaches classes and conducts workshops that incorporate a unique Movement and Mindfulness practice that she has developed: Integrating Qi Gong, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Symbology, Sound Healing and Energy Movement Meditation practices. 

Lara is able to work with you via distance for both the Energy Healing and Soul Realignment. Lara also channels her energy and artistic talent and onto the canvas. 

Raise your vibration, releasing blockages,

 increase energy and decrease illness!


Resulting in a life that is in a state of flow! 

You get to be in a higher consciousness more often, where manifestation is able to take place and life just gets better and better! 

 My passion for helping others to reach a level of higher consciousness in order to live life in a state of good health, joy, love and peace so that we are able to manifest all things possible for our highest good are woven deep within. 

These bonds and beliefs of sending out this positive energy, feeds strongly into my artwork, teachings and movement practices. 

I can teach you the tools for you to carry on throughout your life time. My coaching, healings and classes will be life altering... I promise you! 

Join me ... on a journey of joy, freedom, cleansing of the soul and manifestation of your dreams!

Live your best life and be your best self...

allow me to guide you to your inner bliss...

You could feel like this all the time!